All Martial arts academies receive questions regarding environment, training, learning, programs, community and instructor verification.  Regarding Vandry BJJ academies:

1. Class instructors 

Each class is taught by an instructor that has taken classes for the Vandry BJJ curriculum and format of BJJ.  We have a set agenda for classes, techniques, belt protocols, development, and those are priorities for our academy.

2. Student requirements

Students are registered students from Vandry Association academies or schools.  Students in class are required to wear a gi (uniform), or long sleeve rash guard during No gi classes.

3. Drop ins or out of town students 

If you are a student from out of town under our association or RCJ, please have your instructor contact our academy.  We have had many out of town students in the past we allowed to train at our school.  Unfortunately, many of them had broken off from their instructor or is now competing against their instructor who we may have an association with.  We do not conflict with other academies and their students.

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